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Beginning in 2016. 
The idea of this site is to share ideas, commentaries, reviews and fiction with friends and strangers, to show the world as we see it, so it is us, with our personal history, who can shape the world.  

​I have had the urge to write since I was young and make connections in sharing entertaining narrative versions of what I observe.  Through writing about my experience, my interpretation of culture, I am able to process my thoughts and feelings.

A blog is a way to get it out there. 

​I know I'm not alone.
My name is Phil, I have a background in creative writing, photography and journalism.  Most of my writing has been amateur, confined to my notebooks, my US High School newspaper and yearbook.(Seaholm, Michigan) 
I currently work in addiction, but it's fair to say, my heart belongs in the creative arts.  
I have active interests in film, live music and the role of  langauge in communication. For my final research project at London South Bank University in 2015, I wrote about how metaphors can frame our understanding of addiction.
I have a BA in Photography and an MSc in Addiction, Psychology and Counselling.
In the spirit of freedom of speech, all blogs and opinions, even contrary ones will be considered for publication.  Stories may be refused if they don't fit with the tone of the site, or if they promote anti-social ideas.  This site will not provide a platform for extreme religious or political views, while racist, intolerant, threatening  or abusive content will also be declined.
This site will allow for views that are alternative and controversial, some which may draw criticism, or spark differences of opinion and perspective. There is a recognition here that people have a right to discuss all topics intellectually and emotively. It is in the nature of writing, that some viewpoints will cause offence and we understand that language has its limitations, wherein ideas can be open to  misinterpretion.  We are unapologetic about people's right to speak out and test the boundaries, and believe this can be done in a positively healthy way to provoke, to re-interpret, to cause fun, to stimulate thought.  
I encourage people to contribute in a constructive way which promotes discussion, rather than promoting silence, false assumptions, ill manners or censorship.  
All views expressed are those held by the individual bloggers.
  • Send us your blog, diary entry, social commentary, film review, or story.   Stating a brief description of what it is.
  • Blog approx 500 - 1200 words max
  • Give it a simple Title.  About this long. 
  • Include your name, and location (optional).  Or say whether you'd prefer to be anonymous.
  • Attach photograph(s) to accompany the blog / story if you want.
  • If you're not satisfied with a blog, it can be re-edited or removed